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EasternArt Revive Sdn Bhd is the first Feng Shui company in the world to introduce geomancy knowledge through scientific approach, with explanation and calculation in black and white.






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​精中夺了业公司提供的风水改良报告准确性可高达80%, 而至今为止,我们已经完成了超过 50,000本风水报告。

​The accuracy of the Feng Shui improvement report provided by EasternArt Revive Sdn. Bhd. can be as high as 80%. So far, we have completed way more than 50,000 copies Feng Shui report.

我们的宗旨 Our Goal

风水的学问在这个世界上流传了四千五百年以上,直至今天, 它也依旧受到世界各地的人士的相信与使用。





The knowledge of Feng Shui has been circulated in this world for more than 4,500 years, and even today, it is still believed and used by people all over the world.

Feng Shui has a close relationship with the [environment] we live in, and it is an existence that can affect us. In this era, most people understand that [environment] will affect human beings, especially the magnetic field in the earth, so there is also [environmental science].

[Feng Shui] is actually an [environmental science] , so everyone can use it no matter who you are, what is your religion, race, gender, age, class.... Unfortunately, many people who know Feng Shui are unwilling to let the public know and understand what Feng Shui is. This has caused many people to misunderstand Feng Shui.

Our goal is to convey the knowledge of Feng Shui to all the people who need, so that the public can understand what is [Feng Shui], so that everyone can use this knowledge, to benefit the public and let the public understand how the environment affects us. Before things happen, take precautions.

The  Founder of EasternArt


“人类就如同电脑。如果你不了解电脑﹐随意操作,超出了它原本的能力范围,那么你必定达不到你的目的,甚至还有可能损坏它本身。人也是如此, 要了解自己的才华,才能发挥自己的长处。”

"Humans are like computers. If you don’t understand and don't know how to operate, use beyond its capabilities, then you will definitely fail to achieve your goals, or even damage it. It is the same for humans. You must understand your own talents then only you can use your strengths."

Bo Xu


”People in the market who understand [numerology] confuse [numerology] with [theology] and put it on a veil of mystery. It caused a lot of incorrect misleading, and made things became very complicated. And I hope to share this knowledge with the world correctly, regardless of birth, religion, gender, skin color...“

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Mah Ah Ping


"In the past, there were no street lights, and people hung mirrors at the door. When the moonlight shines on the mirror, it show the nocturnal pedestrians, while the flashes scare away wild animals. So the action of hung, mirrors were for safety and direction. According to the situation of modern society, people no longer need to put a mirror. But there are still people who believe in this way. Therefore, there are still people who would suggest to hang a mirror at door, but they does not let others know that it is the use of human psychological factors to improve the [FengShui] problem"


Chow Mei Shan

“表面上看起来好像很有规则性其实也有它不规则的地方.例如:生、老、病、死,这是人必经之路,这看似好像很有规则的, 其实还是有不规则的地方,例如;人的寿命长短不同、人的富贵贫贱不同。这使我也了解到凡事都有规则与不规则的地方,而[命理学] 帮助我如何在不规则当中去找出答案”

“Many things are not as regular as they seem. For example, people's birth, old age, sickness, and death. This is the only way for people. It seems to be regular, but there are also irregularities, because people's life span and wealth are different. This made me understand that everything has regularities and irregularities, and [numerology] helped me find a way to find irregularities.”